Wax Lacing String
Wax Lacing Cord - 2.30mm x 0.32mm x 200mtr

Wax Lacing Cord - 2.30mm x 0.32mm x 200mtr

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  • Ideal for tidy cable installs
  • Material: Continuous filaments 6 denier impregnated with 30 to 35% wax
  • Colour: Natural
  • Elongation to Break : 10 to 40%
  • Melting Point: 75 q 3 (DIN 51801 or ASTM0566)
  • Chemical Resistance: Good resistance to micro-organisms, ozone and ageing

Waxed Polyester Cord Lacing cord for securing wire and cable. Wax lacing cord puts less bends and stress on fiber than unwaxed lacing cord. Handy to have on hand as a backup or alternative to wire ties.

Nylon lacing Cord formed as a slightly rounded mass of continuous filaments which flatten, form a tight knot and will not penetrate insulations. This design of cord eliminates the risk of cuts and weals to operators fingers, usually associated with the round mono-filament type cords.

Colour: White
Weight: 0.5kg